Direct benefits
We capitalise on our free trade agreements expertise to enable immediate cost efficiency and savings in countries where such agreements have been negotiated

Investments and debt collection
If you are looking for an investment opportunity in Iceland we can be of your assistance and provide you with information and contacts.

Solution driven
We provide complete solutions, custom made for each individual client

International mindset
We tailor solutions for our clients based on our multi-cultural experience and open international business mindset.

Global presence
Through our extensive contact network we provide solutions/advice across jurisdictional frontiers and are able to argue cases globally with key local actors

Trust and confidence
We know that relationships built on trust and confidence can last a lifetime. Our ambition is to become your trusted work partner

Its all about you
Our team thrives in finding the right solution for you


Our team has a broad experience in conduction international investments and other transactions


Our attorneys have a comprehensive legal background and have litigated many cases in front of lower and higher courts. Our attorneys have a recognised reputation.


We tailor solutions to your needs. Our experts can assist you in choosing and construction the right structure for each of your projects